What have you forgotten?

We PPC people all face the same problem - keeping on top of a huge pile of constantly changing data, descisions, ideas and to-dos.

Ad-Minister solves this problem.

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Why did I pause that high-converting keyword on the 23rd of October last year?

What was the CTR before the new ad copy?

How many more conversions did we get from changing to Target CPA bidding?

Finally... a tool designed for Google Ads professionals.

Pete Bowen here. I’ve been an AdWords (oops, Google Ads) guy for almost a decade. The better I did the more clients I got, the more clients I got the more I felt like I was juggling and about to drop all the balls.

I was spending too much time looking for information, trying to remember why we did what we did and revisiting decisions we’d already made. When you’re squandering your day on the mundane there is no time for valuable strategic work.

We’ve got tools for building, managing and optimising but we don’t have a tool for managing the work of working on campaigns...

  • The change history in Google Ads shows what was done, but it doesn’t tell you why it was done.
  • The new notes feature in Google Ads doesn’t do nearly enough to be useful.
  • Excel or Google sheets are great for crunching numbers.
  • Trello crushes complex todo lists.
  • Word or a Google doc is fine for writing...

... but none of these were designed with your needs as a PPC manager in mind.

After years of trying out one project management tool and task app after another I decided to build a tool specifically for people - like me - who manage Google Ads (or Bing or Facebook).

It keeps everything I need to know about an account or campaign at my fingertips. I feel confident that I’m doing the right work. And my clients are getting the best results ever - even though I’m spending fewer hours in their accounts.

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Know everything.

See exactly what’s happened in every account.

  • Text notes let you record what was done, and more importantly, why it was done.
  • Statistics snapshots record performance stats like impressions, clicks, conversions etc right into the timeline so you don't have to prise them out of your Google Ads account.

You can look at the timeline for an account or dive deeper into the what and why for each campaign or experiment.

Take a look at how the timeline for one campaign below gives useful context.


Nothing falls through the cracks.

Although PPC is my full time business I don’t spend all day every day adjusting bids, tweaking copy or split testing landing pages. Like you, I’ve got other responsibilities - finding clients, billing, and all the other things that go into running an agency.

The task list in Ad-Minister makes sure that when you log in to Google Ads you know exactly what you should be doing in each account and campaign.

I know that I’m never going to forget to check an optimisation, adjust a bid or pause a campaign.


Better testing with the experiment log.

We all want to apply best practice to the accounts we manage but best practice for one campaign isn’t best practice for every campaign. It takes testing and tweaking to find the optimum bidding strategy, ad copy, keywords etc.

The experiment log upgrades testing from "Throw everything against the wall and see what sticks" into a disciplined, repeatable (dare I say scientific) process. This approach to finding the sweet spot separates you as a professional PPC practitioner from the churn-and-burn agencies.

You’ll always know which experiments, tests and tweaks are currently running, and have run in the past, across every account and every campaign you manage.

More importantly, you’ll build a body of knowledge - that’s yours to keep - about what works and what doesn’t. You’re not doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over.

Ad-Minister is perfect for agencies.

Each team member can see and work on just the Google Ads accounts that they've been assigned to - much the same way you'd link accounts in your Manager Account (MCC).

The timeline cuts down on a lot of catching each other up. It lets you see exactly what's been done and why it's been done without calling a status meeting. It also makes keeping continuity possible after a team member leaves.

Plans and pricing.


$29/ mo
  • Up to 50 Google Ads accounts.
  • No team members.
  • No team permissions.
  • Client portal.
  • Fast responsive email support.


$49/ mo
  • Unlimited Google Ads accounts.
  • 10 team members.
  • Team permissions.
  • Client portal.
  • Email and phone support.


Please contact us for pricing.

In house or managing ads for your own business? Ad-minister for one Google Ads account costs $19 per month.

Brand new freelancer or agency? We offer a 1-year complimentary subscription to agencies and freelancers in their first year of using Google Ads for others. Please contact us for details.